How Sculptra Gives You More Youthful-Looking Skin

The gradual process of skin aging leaves many people seeking rejuvenation treatments to retain a youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are increasingly popular, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment options to obtain a youthful, natural-looking glow. 

Sculptra is one of the many dermal fillers available today. With a unique formula, Sculptra works to restore lost volume in the skin for a lifted, refreshed appearance. 

The Sculptra Formula

Most of the dermal fillers available today feature hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient. Sculptra, however, is a bit different. Its main ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA. The powerful PLLA formula works within your body to stimulate collagen production and rebuild the skin. 

As people age, the amount of collagen that’s naturally produced by the body decreases. Collagen provides structure and elasticity to the skin, so as collagen levels diminish, so does the volume in the skin. Sculptra counteracts this effect of aging by working with your body to rebuild collagen lost to the aging process. This results in restored volume in the cheeks, more defined cheekbones, a more contoured jawline, and a reduced appearance of facial wrinkles and folds. 

Sculptra Treatment Areas

Depending on your cosmetic goals, you can have Sculptra injected into different areas of the face, including:

  • The mid-cheek area
  • The lower face
  • The jawline
  • The temples

Results That Last

Another reason why Sculptra is different from many of the other dermal fillers available today is its capacity to provide lasting results. Uniquely, Sculptra is administered in three treatment sessions over the course of a few months. As PLLA is gradually introduced to the skin, volume will continually be restored, providing visible results that can last for two years or longer. With Sculptra, the healing process is more refined than with other injectables, providing results that are both impressive and natural-looking. 

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