Risk-Free Body Sculpting for All

In the past, body sculpting usually meant invasive surgical procedures. Today there are several different nonsurgical options available for sculpting hard-to-address areas. Our preferred treatment is completely noninvasive Sculpsure. Here’s why.

Sculpsure is safe for almost everyone.

Sculpsure uses a tool with both a laser and a cooling system. The laser breaks up fat cells while the cooling feature keeps your skin safe from burns or other affects. This process is completely safe for almost everyone because it is only the controlled laser that is used. The rest of the process is natural.

Natural results

Go ahead. Pretend you’ve upped your exercise game while chatting at the water cooler. Everyone will believe you because your results occur naturally. All the Sculpsure treatment does is break up and kill off the fat cells. Your body still has to flush them, and that natural process can take several weeks. You might not achieve final results until up to 12 weeks after your treatment.  Sometimes you can boost your results by getting a second treatment six weeks after the first.

Completely noninvasive

Nothing enters your body during this body sculpting procedure. The reason it takes so long to see your final results is that your body is left to flush those dead fat cells through its natural processes. That takes time. But it also means that, unlike liposuction and similar treatments, there is no cannula or tool inserted into your body, and nothing is forcibly removed.

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