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Are you looking for a way to eliminate unsightly skin spots without the hassle of surgery? At Skin and Body Curvatures, we offer minimally-invasive treatment for skin spot removal. Through RF Radiosurgery, we can gently eliminate imperfections to restore your even, healthy complexion.

Skin Spot Removal with RF Radiosurgery

To remove skin spots, veins, and discoloration, we use the RF Radiosurgery machine. This advanced machine uses radiofrequency energy to improve the appearance of skin spots in a gentle, non-surgical treatment. With this minimally-invasive skin spot removal method, you’ll enjoy younger, healthier-looking skin with little to no recovery time.

RF Radiosurgery

How Does It Work?

In RF Radiosurgery, radiofrequency (RF) energy is passed into the skin. The machine uses a frequency of four megahertz. This is lower than the frequency of lasers and TVs, but higher than that of AM radios. The frequency of the RF Radiosurgery machine is designed to be safe, gentle, and effective for the skin. 

At this frequency, the machine gently creates small, precise punctures in the surface of the skin. Then, a micro-insulated wire is positioned into the skin spot or vein. This ensures that only the skin tissue cells touching the wire electrode receive treatment, providing a superior level of precision. With RF Radiosurgery, you can trust that only the areas you want to be treated will be impacted by radiofrequency energy. 

The Benefits of Skin Spot Removal with RF Radiosurgery

Skin spot treatment using radiofrequency energy is gentler and more accurate than laser treatments and cautery. These alternative methods can irritate and even burn the skin tissue. This leads to inflammation that slows down the healing process. RF Radiosurgery only treats the discolored skin tissue, which prevents irritation and allows for immediate improvement to the appearance of your skin. Plus, during RF Radiosurgery, most patients only feel a slight tingling sensation. 

Skin spot removal with the RF Radiosurgery machine can be completed in your doctor’s office. The procedure typically only takes a few minutes to complete, and no downtime is required. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment session. 

Fast Results

Improvement to the appearance of the skin is typically apparent immediately after RF Radiosurgery. The results are consistent; and, unlike other cosmetic treatments for skin spots, you’re unlikely to experience swelling, bruising, or scarring. With a fast healing process after RF Radiosurgery, you can enjoy a clear, glowing complexion as you walk out of the doctor’s office.