Take Years Off Your Face with TempSure® Envi®

Do you notice signs of aging in the face every time you look in the mirror? This doesn’t have to be the case! TempSure® Envi is a skin tightening treatment available at Skin and Body Curvatures, and it can give you a tighter, lifted, and more youthful appearance of the face. Let’s learn more!

Signs of Aging in the Face

As the skin ages, it naturally produces less collagen and elastin. These proteins provide structure and volume to the skin. With the aging process, the drop in collagen and elastin can lead to loose, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. TempSure® Envi, however, can reverse these effects by stimulating collagen production in the skin. 

What Is TempSure® Envi?

TempSure® Envi is a monopolar radiofrequency platform. This advanced system uses radiofrequency to safely and precisely heat the deep layers of the skin. The controlled damage to the skin triggers its natural recovery process, leading it to regenerate collagen. Specialized handpieces can be used with the TempSure® Envi system to target wrinkles and loose skin in the face. 

As your skin recovers from the radiofrequency energy, the boost in collagen production will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, including worry lines on the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet. This treatment will also tighten your skin as a whole, providing a more contoured look. 

TempSure® Envi Treatment and Recovery

TempSure® Envi treatment sessions last between 20 and 60 minutes. It’s an entirely non-invasive and painless treatment. After the first TempSure® Envi treatment session, most patients experience visible results. But to reach their desired results, many patients opt for three to five TempSure® Envi sessions, spaced out with two to four weeks in between. 

After TempSure® Envi treatment, you can immediately return to your regular activities. It’s a quick, convenient, and highly effective way to rejuvenate the skin. 

Contact Skin and Body Curvatures today to learn more about TempSure® Envi and if you could be a candidate for skin tightening treatment.