Weight Loss Options You May Not Have Considered

Losing weight is tough and keeping it off is even tougher. One-size-fits-all diets often fall far short of expectations, and even if you lose some weight, the odds of gaining it back plus more are high.
At Skin and Body Curvatures in St. Petersburg, Florida, board-certified physician, and weight loss specialist Dr. Mark Nowacki understands weight loss on an individual level. We offer noninvasive, customized weight loss options to help you reach your weight loss goals. Our individualized plans are designed to lead not only to greater weight control but changes in behavior that help keep the weight off. Here, we discuss aspects of weight loss you may not have considered.

Balancing hormones

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off long-term involves more than will power and counting calories. Issues, such as hormonal imbalance, can sabotage even the best weight loss efforts. The thyroid regulates the body’s metabolism. When the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones (hypothyroidism), the metabolism slows down, and this can make it more difficult to lose weight.
Other hormonal imbalances that can cause issues losing weight when they’re imbalanced include:

Excess insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that converts sugar glucose into energy. A proper balance of this hormone is crucial to ensuring normal blood sugar levels.
After we eat, pancreatic cells are activated that release insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin then clings to and signals cells to absorb sugar and to use it for energy. When insulin levels are too high, the body feels hungrier more frequently. As a result, we may overeat and experience difficulties in losing weight.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and influences fat-burning, muscle mass, and skin tone in both sexes. Testosterone deficiency can result from a stressed-out lifestyle, poor diet, and obesity. Regarding the last, it is thought that low “T-count” can be both the cause and the effect. In other words, low testosterone is a potential catalyst for weight gain.
Most frustrating is that an individual may still experience weight gain with low T-counts despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Fortunately, treatment of low testosterone can effectively reverse any side effects of the condition.

Nutrition counseling

The conflicting messages about diet and weight loss can make it difficult to separate fact from fiction and make healthy choices that promote weight management. Nutrition counseling is a highly beneficial therapeutic approach to help you use nutrition to improve your overall well-being.
Nutrition counseling involves assessing your wellness needs and creating a support structure to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, nutrition counseling can identify potential obstacles and help you navigate challenges in the path to lasting weight loss.
Your nutrition counselor will carefully evaluate your eating habits, health status, and weight loss goals to develop an individualized treatment plan. You’ll gain the tools and have the support to make lasting changes that will help you shed pounds and feel good while doing it.

B-12 shots

Vitamin B-12 is essential to maintaining health. Among its many jobs, B-12 is necessary to maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells and plays a role in breaking down and digesting carbohydrates, the body’s primary energy source. As part of a comprehensive weight loss plan, B-12 injections help turn carbohydrates into energy and maintain energy levels.

WarmSculptingTM with SculpSure to finish your weight loss

As you reach your goal weight stubborn pockets of fat are common. Certain problem areas, such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs, may store resistant fat that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how much you exercise or how perfectly you follow a nutritious eating plan.
Dr. Nowacki offers WarmSculpting with Sculpsure, a noninvasive fat reduction system. WarmSculpting enables Dr. Nowacki to target problem areas harboring stubborn fat to give you a smooth, slimmer body contour.
WarmSculpting with SculpSure uses the power of laser energy to destroy targeted fat cells. Once the cells are removed through your body’s natural detoxification system, they’re gone for good, bringing out your hard work and leaving you trimmer.
If you’re tired of one-size-fits-all weight loss plans, you’re ready for a medically supervised program to help you slim down for good. Call to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nowacki at our St. Petersburg office or book your appointment online.